In addition to the aforementioned activities of the company, MS has set another priority in the area of continuous welding of nonwovens and other materials.

Over 30 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of high-quality and innovative ultrasonic components, combined with know-how in drive and control technology allows the company to step right into the new business segment seamlessly. Thereby providing the customers with ready to integrate systems with the highest precision from one provider. With the new MS Competence Centre in Ettlingen (Germany) MS is fulfilling the wishes of many customers by expanding the application portfolio with the areas of continuous joining, stamping, and perforating of nonwovens and  packaging sealing.

MS is expanding with an innovative and specialised location while retaining a high in-house production depth and support of all departments with the main location in Spaichingen (Germany).

Quality and reliability are the key to success. Considering that the equipment in the nonwovens processing industry produces 24 hours a day, almost 360 days a year results in the requirements for high reliability of the components.

The increasing demands from the industry for faster and faster production lines then inevitably lead to technical requirements for maximum mechanical precision, high ultrasonic power and fast process control.


  • Newly developed ultrasonic generator MS sonxGEN PREMIUM is capable of delivering a continuous output of 3.5 kW, maximum peak power available 6 kW
  • Oscillating systems with rectangular and trapezoidal sonotrodes are available in standardised widths from 85 mm to 270 mm
  • Various rotating sonotrodes are available in 30 kHz and 20 kHz, in different widths
  • The special bearing and guide concept of the servo-electrically driven feed unit offers maximum precision for fast and minimal process adjustments without guide friction at the operating point
  • The simple and intuitive operable interface of the control system offers a wide variety of options for welding process design
  • Engraved rolls, custom made in house, with complex welding patterns, surface-hardened to increase wear resistance with bale widths of up to 1,000 mm


  • Standing sonotrode with embossing roller with touch panel
  • For large area laminations also for high production rates


  • Rotating sonotrode with embossing roller with touch panel
  • Welding of long seams

Embossing roller, bearing mounting, mounting plate

  • Welded console
  • For absorbing high welding forces<