A traditional Swabian company focusing on connection technology relies on the innovative servo drive technology of the MS sonxTOP ultrasonic welding machine from MS. High-precision cable clamps are ultrasonically welded on the new MS sonxTOP series.

With the decision for a servo-driven machine from MS, the technology leap succeeds – with many new possibilities and advantages in production.

+ Thanks to the servo drive technology, the new speed-controlled welding process was able to achieve up to 20% higher strength values than with the previous pneumatic system.
+ Another positive effect is the larger process window, with which component fluctuations can also be compensated thanks to the MS ultrasonic solution.
+ The implementation of the welding application on the MS sonxTOP ultrasonic series machine also gives the customer the necessary flexibility for future, new welding applications.

With the innovative servo drive concept of the MS sonxTOP series machines, your technological leap into the future will also be successful!

+++ For more information, please visit our homepage at: www.ms-ultrasonic.pl/produkte/seryjna-maszyna-ultradzwiekowa-ms-sonxtop/